Vinyl Shutters are as realistic as Natural Wood

Although wood shutters can vastly increase the perceived value of your house, they require considerable time and labor to sand, prime and paint. Now there’s an easier way to add to the curbside appeal of shutters without the high cost of maintenance.

VINYL Traditional Open Louvered Shutter and Colonial Raised-Panel Shutter offer the homeowner the natural, deep-cut of textured wood but in a substantial durable copolymer material that’s maintenance-free.

Colors and Sizes for All

We’ve gone to great lengths to simulate all the subtle nuances of natural wood shutters, from the texture of the woodgrain to realistic formed edges and corners.

Our shutters are available in 14 preferred colors and a range of sizes to fit nearly every type of window. Vinyl louvered and raised-panel shutters will beautify any home exterior.

For those who need to match a specific color we offer a paintable shutter as an extra benefit to our customers.

  • Extra Heavy-Duty
  • Extra Durable
  • Enhanced Graining
  • Deeper Shadow Lines
  • Color-Molded Throughout
  • Paintable shutters available–
  • must be painted.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Available in 15 colors:

White Black Navy Blue Ocean Blue
Wedgewood Blue Storm Grey Merlot Paintable
Cranberry Brick Hunter Green Heritage Green
Coffee Brown Tan Musket Brown

Vinyl Shutters

Our 9″, 12″, 15” and 18″ shutters are UV-stabilized with colors that go completely through the shutter. They won’t chip, rot or warp, and are strong enough to withstand most weather conditions – from the cold winter winds of northern Minnesota to the blistering heat of Arizona.

Louver Design Vent Openings

This molded in design strengthens the gable vent and helps form a straight-line appearance, allows for the free flow of air and eliminates the view of the unsightly attic area. At the same time our gable vents keep mother nature’s gusting rain and snow from entering the home. Greater venting area than most competitors.