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Best Asphalt Shingles in North America!

The last consumer testing for shingles in August 2003 voted that the best choice in North America’s asphalt shingles was the Certainteed Super-Shangle called the “Grand Manor” capturing best shingle, and 1st place overall. They also rated the “Landmark Premium” into 2nd place, followed closely behind by the “Landmark TL” “Tri-laminate” shingle in 3rd place among all the other shingle brands and styles.

Out of over 25 shingle models tested this a fantastic representation of the quality and durability of Certainteed’s laminated and architectural shingles. See Notes at bottom of page regarding these tests.

The Landmark TL Ultimate is the thickest shake-look laminated style shingle available today, that represents the real textured surface of real wood shingles. As a triple layer laminated shingle, its called a Tri-Laminate, and is unique to the industry. It doesn’t fake texture by adding shadow lines and dark granule patterns to the shingle. It doesn’t have to… it really is thick, and creates its own shadows due to the thick texture of the tri-laminate shingle design.

Presidential Shakes and Presidential “TL” Ultimate

Presdential Shakes and Presidential “TL” Ultimate are unique in character and architectural look. A cobblestone-like slate look pattern coupled with thick textures and interesting colour blends creates a wonderful slate like design. The Presidential Shakes have been installed in our area about 20 years now and have proven themselves both in performance and long lasting good looks. They now come in an “Algae-Block” Formula to keep the roof cleaner looking by inhibiting algae growth on the shingles with its built-in copper granules. The Presidential “TL” added an extra layer to the standard Presidential Shakes to create the THICKEST SHINGLE currently produced in the industry today.

Certainteed does not add granules to the back of the shingle to thicken up the product {as some competitors do when “trying to copy this design”}, but rather added an additional layer of tough fiberglass reinforced asphalt shingle to the already tough Presidential Shake. (Adding granules to the back of a shingle does not improve the strength or the waterproofing of a shingle. In fact it may be more prone to cracking, and additional granules would have made cutting the shingle much more difficult.)

The Presidential “TL” Ultimate is our most distinctive shingle. Its thickness earns itself the definition “Super-Shake”, while the unique pattern represents narrow slates, or thatched wood shakes.

No shingle in the industry today creates more texture than this architectural shingle, and at 480 lbs per square it is actually just as heavy as real wood shakes.

Certainteed has a selection of “Slate-Look” shingles that include Grand Manor, Carriage House, and the all new Centennial Slate. These patented shingles are also called “Super-Shangles”, as they include a complete solid back layer shingle with another layer or two laminated on top. These have between 4 and 5 layers of waterproofing on the roof once installed (not counting the roofing underlayment). If you are looking for the authentic slate look of New York, Chicago and Connecticut, look no further.


Centennial Slate Shingles

The Centennial Slate is an all new patented technology introduced by Certainteed, which produces unique and specific color placements of the granules on to the shangles. Each tab has its own unique color, and with the shingle tabs on scale with real slate, the Centennial Slate creates the authentic look and appeal of real blended slate roofs, similar to those one would find in North Chicago, Lake Forest, Connecticut, and in New England.

These “Super-Shangles”, and the “Super Shakes” noted above as Landmark TL and Presidential TL, all offer a Lifetime Warranty, a copper granule additive to inhibit black algae staining, and will crown the roof of your home with executive-class style and an estate-class luxury look.

For those looking for a more economical solution Certainteed produces a few more styles and models.

For slate-look style, have a look at the Hatteras shingle. Its narrower slate look, and its extreme weather rating makes this shingle justas comfortable in Cape Cod, Vancouver West-Side, Tofino, Victoria, or on a chalet at Whistler.

Landmark Premium AR Shingles

For less expensive shake-like style, we offer the Landmark Premium AR or the builders grade economical choice called the Landmark 30. The Landmark Premium AR (previously known as the Landmark 50AR) offers algae block copper granules, a heavier weight, more thickness, and greater texture than builder’s grade laminates, and will save about 25% from the Landmark “TL” noted earlier.

We still recommend the Landmark “TL”Ultimate as the best wood shake replacement, but if the budget won’t allow an upgraded look, then the Landmark Premium AR will do a fine job of weatherproofing, storm protection, and representation of a simulated cedar shingle look. It has a new “Wide-Track QB” nailing area for faster installation, improved lamination, and improved warrantable installs . The new Landmark Premium AR is now 330lbs per square upgraded from 300lbs, which creates higher definition and deeper texture than the previous version.

For even less, we have a “builders-grade” called the Landmark 30. A good starting-grade for economical homes, or a good upgrade from plain looking 3-tabs and interlocking shingles. These laminated shingles offer fiberglass reinforced durability with Certainteed’s superior quality control, as well as some great looking colour blends to compliment your house. We don’t openly recommend this grade of shingle ( or any other 30 year type shingle by any other manufacturer) for wood shake roof replacements, as the home’s curb appeal can be better maintained by installing … Landmark Premium AR, or the triple layer Landmark “TL”Ultimate, or Presidential “TL” ShakesUltimate.

You can use thinner looking shingles, of course, but, remember that 40 to 70% of the style and curb appeal of the home is directly determined by the texture, style, thickness, and realism created by the roofing materials you select. Take pride in your home and the investment it represents by installing quality attractive roofing shingles from Certainteed.


Shingle Grades & Quality

Shingle choices can be segregated into a decision between:

  • good choice
  • better choice
  • and best choice.

It will depend on your budget range, style of shingle chosen, and desired thickness and durability.

Once that decision is made you have more choices. First, underlayments which are an integral necessity to hold the weather out as all shingles from all manufacturers are just water-shedding devices, not waterproofing as is commonly believed. Stormy or incessant weather will allow water to ingress below the shingles, and the underlayment then goes to work to direct the water off the roof below the shingles. Like shingles you have “cheap stuff”, good stuff, better stuff, and best choices. The best choice for your roof may not be the expensive stuff, it depends on regional weather conditions, pitch or slope of roof, and the shingle chosen.

Next choice will be flashings, and drip edges. Choose wisely for our regional weather, and we have choices we will suggest that the typical roofers will try to leave off the roof.

Next is ventilation. All roofing materials need to be installed on a well ventilated attic space, but all asphalt shingles demand meeting or exceeding the building code criteria for venting. It is the single most common reason for warranties to be voided, as the shingle manufacturer insists on their shingles not getting “cooked” on a hot attic space.

A building needs to have air drawn in through soffit venting into the attic space below the roof, and an equal amount of air needs to be exhausted out through roof vents. Typically plastic or metal square vents we call static vents are used, at least in the past. The better way is to vent out through ridge vents hidden under the ridge caps. Alternatives include Whirlybird style Turbine Vents, Power Vents, and sometimes vents installed into the gables (not as efficient). Our local area requires at least 144 square inches of intake plus 144 square inches of exhaust, MINIMUM, for every 600 square feet of attic space under the roof. This minimum requirement means one requires at least 3 static vents or 12 lineal feet of ridge vent for every 600 square feet of attic. Always try to exceed this minimum, and some shingle manufacturers will require double this formula for their long term warranties to be valid and in effect.

Next, but definitely not least, is your choice of ridge and hip capping. One can fold over simple ridge units over the ridge to affect a waterproof roof, but this is a poor, cheap, unfortunate look for a home. It can actually spoil the appearance of really nice or really thick shingles. The western region often uses what is called Ridgeglass 10″ wide shake look ridge to create a more interesting look. But the ultimate look is to raise up Ridgeglass 10″ or Mountain Ridge 10″ caps up on to a continuous installation of TrimLine 9″ Rigid Vent. It deals with the venting issue on most homes, while delivering an outstanding high definition high profile look to both the hips and the ridges of the roof. The curb appeal is wonderful, and this works well with medium thickness shingles as well as thick and super thick shingles. View designer ridge caps page for some of our suggestions. Another great way to achieve this is with our new Vented Ridgecrest caps. They are a one piece cap and vent unit built into one. With one pass the roofer can install both the caps and the vent at the same time which saves him time. The end look creates one of our ultimate roofscaping effects, and we love to install this on the hips as well for outstanding curb appeal and definition.

Finally, while one is designing and then later getting installed a new roof system, there is no better time to add new skylights, change out old skylights, or upgrade to opening and fresh air venting skylights.

The Showrooms in this section display a wide selection of asphalt fiberglass shingle styles currently available from a variety of key shingle manufacturers.

The choices will include much more than colour and patterns. Although most shingles made today come with reasonably long warranties, the real issue is thickness, texture, and weight.

Shingles that are thinner and lighter will blow off the roof in stormy conditions much easier than thicker and heavier shingles. If you are looking for a roofing shingle that will let you sleep at night during those stormy rainy nights, we seriously advise everyone to look at mid-weight and heavier weight shingles as their better roofing choice.

Today’s least expensive and most often chosen shingles are called laminated shingles. The lowest “warranty” version to day is called a “30” year. Sounds like a long time to many consumers. Please remember that the “game” that various shingle manufacturers have been playing is upping their warranties to make the product “appear” better, while in fact they have made no improvements since they called the same shingles a 20 year or a 25 year. Some of these “marketing games” were created by shingle manufacturers that were in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, where a long term view about warranty liability was probably not a priority.

“30 Year” Fiberglass Laminated Shingles

This category of shingles, the “30 year” fiberglass laminated shingles is a price driven commodity. We consider most “30 year” laminates a “builder’s grade” shingle. Like builder’s grade carpet, the builders and many roofers are looking for as cheap a product that they can get their hands on, to save money or make more profit. It’s not a quality discussion, but rather a price discussion. So the manufacturers of this category of shingles are challenged to lower the cost of their 30 year shingles to meet this criteria , while still managing to “pass” the minimum requirements to meet local building codes.

To cheapen an asphalt fiberglass laminated shingles, the manufacturer has very few choices in reducing his costs. The fiberglass matt can be thinned down, but the main way to save costs is to reduce the weight of costly asphalt and coating ingredients. So lighter weight and thinner shingles yields a cheaper shingle, but nets a product that is minimal for storm resistance, weather resistance, and overall quality.

So in areas that experience windy days, stormy periods, wide temperature changes (cold to warm seasonal variations), we don’t believe that “30 year” laminated fiberglass shingles are a smart choice. The roofers will suggest them as they are cheaper, or they will make more profit on them, but instead it should be the homeowner’s decision what materials they want up on their all important roof, to defend their home against the current weather, the worsening weather due to climate change and global warming, and the worst of the weather that is expected from time to time.

Aside from the weather resistance of the shingles, they perform another extremely important function. The shingles you choose for your home will contribute greatly to the overall look and architectural appeal of the home. The thicker the shingles, the better the texture and style, which will simply make your home look better. A better looking home is worth more.

Curb Appeal Matters!

Curb appeal matters… 45 to 75% of the look of your home is determined by the appearance, look, and style of the roof.

The real estate market has changed. Only a few years ago the property market was hot, and in that sellers market curb appeal was not quite as important. We are currently back in a buyers market in all of North America, and in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest, curb appeal now matters more than ever. If you you home to sell quicker than others, if you want your home to stand out from the crowd, if you want to maximize how much you can sell your home for, then you will really have to pay attention to your home’s curb appeal. And one of the easiest way to improve your home’s curb appeal, is to invest in better looking roofing materials. If you are changing your roof anyway, make sure the materials you select will represent the value you wish your home to portray.

So, in deciding on the curb appeal of shingles we like to classify shingles as “thin” (the “30” year), “medium”, “thick”, and “super-thick”. An upgrade to medium thickness shingles is not very much cost, but you immediately yield a significant difference in wind resistance, and a modest difference in thickness. Thick shingles will cost a little more, but it’s a worthwhile investment in great storm resistance, as well as good looking texture and style.

The various shingle showrooms you can enter into from the buttons and links on the left, will show many photos and informational editorials on the features, the benefits, and advantages of a wide variety of shingles.

Some will be more “leak resistant” technology, some will be super-thick with outstanding texture and architectural appeal. Some will be good old fashioned good value, while others will create realistic style simulations of real slate or wood shakes.

We are showing various brands, not to confuse you, but rather to offer you a wide choice of styles and features, because in the end it should be YOUR decision what you want to have crowning your home … not the builder, not the roofer. We respect these professionals, but you as the consumer need to be offered all your options and choices to build a better looking, and a better performing roof system.