Quality Stone

The deep texture of Stacked Stone provides a realistic and rustic look; reflecting the natural beauty of stacked slate. With a 6″ x 48″ face, Stacked Stone provides color variation and shadowing, perfect for both small and large applications.

The soft lines and smooth textures of Ledge Stone maintain bold and rugged feel of the mountains. With 6” x 48” face, Ledge Stone provides a subtly rustic look for any residential or commercial project.

Quality Stone set out to change the stone industry in four ways. To create the most REALISTIC, HIGH QUALITY, AFFORDABLE stone product on the market. We feel we succeeded…

Authentic Look: Our stone panels are cast from real stone, so every detail of the stone’s texture is accurately fingerprinted and transferred to our products.

Lightweight: Our stone weighs as little as 1 lb / sq.ft, eliminating the need for lift equipment or extra labor.

Durable: Our products are manufactured of impact resistant structural polyurethane, with a titanium oxide surface. Quality Stone is manufactured to endure the harshest of elements.

“Installer Friendly”: Thanks to our patented tongue and groove system, all you need is 3 screws on the top of the panel, and the bottom locks in place. Our products are easily cut using standard woodworking tools.

Cost Effective: The installation time and cost for our products are substantially less than all other stone products and conventional masonry, increasing your total savings on the project. Additionally, application requires labor with general carpentry skills.

Versatility: We have products for both interior and exterior applications, from fireplaces to large commercial buildings. The number of applications is endless; going places traditional masonry cannot.

Additional Insulation Value: Quality Stone adds R-Value to homes and commercial structures, saving energy.

Low Maintenance: Quality Stone Products require No Painting, Waterproofing, or UV treatments.

Just like real stone!

Every piece of Quality Stone’s product line has been precisely cast off of real stone. All stones used are carefully chosen for their rich texture, shape, and size. Then colors are chosen and added into the process to provide the realistic and rich details of real stone. This technology is combined into an interlocking panel system, making it quick and easy to install. The high density polyurethane used to create our panels, allows for a very lightweight veneer stone panel with the look and feel of real stone. All products have been designed for a wide array of climates and applications. Quality Stone can be applied at any temperature, and can be applied over masonry, wood, metal, and just about any other surface. Whether it is a residential, commercial, or industrial application, our products have been engineered so that no additional structural or foundation support is required.

Quality Stone products are made of 98% closed-cell structural polyurethane, incorporating fire retardants, and a titanium oxide finish which is highly UV resistant. All products should not be installed at or slightly below grade. This has less to do with the product as it does not wick moisture; but more to do with eliminating a direct pathway for insect infiltration and frost heave from saturated soil. We have no testing data to support use in an underwater environment.

Quality Stone products do not add to the structural load bearing capacity of the substrate to which it is being applied. All products have been designed for wall installation only, and should not be applied anywhere that they will be walked or sat on. Care should also be taken when installing in an area where a lawn trimmer or a snow blower will be coming in contact with the product.