James Hardie Siding

What Is James Hardie® Siding?

Installed on more than 4 million homes in the U.S., James Hardie is the #1 brand of siding in North America. Made of fibre cement, James Hardie siding products are more durable than vinyl or wood/wood composite, siding but have the look and warmth of real wood without the maintenance hassles.

The superior quality of James Hardie siding products is the result of more than 110 scientists dedicated to developing new technologies, the only research and development facility dedicated specifically to fibre cement and the highest quality raw materials — premium cement, finelyground sand and natural fibres.

All of that, combined, ensures a home has the best possible resistance to damage from:

  • wet, humid climates
  • wind and hail impact
  • cold, windy climates
  • termites and other wood–eating insects

James Hardie siding products with ColorPlus® technology offer a revolutionary finish — paint invented exclusively for James Hardie siding that’s factory–applied and baked–on to maximize durability, fade resistance and adhesion. The variance of the ColorPlus technology finish is more strictly controlled than even the automotive industry and lasts up to two times longer than traditional paint.

James Hardie also backs its siding products and finish with some of the building industry’s most comprehensive warranties — up to a 50–year limited transferable product warranty, as well as a 15-year finish warranty covering both paint and labor.2 That means homeowners can spend more time with their families and less money on maintaining their homes.

James Hardie® Siding Products

“Home” means something different to everyone. It’s a place for family. A place to grow and play. It’s a place to entertain or show off. A comfort zone to escape to. Or a place to relax and unwind. Whatever home means to you, nothing protects it like James Hardie® siding products.

Our durable, low-maintenance siding products have the warm look of wood and make it possible to relax and enjoy a home, instead of spending time, money and effort maintaining it. In addition, we offer a large choice of siding styles, textures and colours to help create the dream home.

Our “complete solution” of siding, trim and soffit products ensures that a home’s exterior will be protected by the unmatched durability of James Hardie siding and some of the building industry’s most comprehensive warranties — up to a 50–year limited transferable product warranty, as well as a 15–year warranty on our exclusive ColorPlus® technology finish that covers both paint and labour.

Installed on more than 4 million homes, James Hardie is the #1 brand of siding in North America. We invite you to check out the rest of this website to find out why!

Introducing the HardieZone® System

With new HardieZone® System siding from James Hardie,® you can sleep easy knowing that your home’s exterior is ideally suited for its local climate, regardless of regional weather conditions or extreme seasonal temperature variations.

Siding Engineered for your Climate

Other siding companies offer a “one–siding–fits–all” solution. Only James Hardie® gives you the ability to choose siding that’s right for your specific area’s climate — every time.

The HardieZone® System is based on eight individual climatic variables that primarily affect the long-term performance of exterior siding. Although every area’s climate is different, we found common variables that allowed us to engineer the HZ5® siding line with specific performance attributes that are relevant to all of Canada’s climatic zones.

Beautiful Durability in All Climates

To ensure that its beauty matches its durability, we’ve engineered the surface of HZ5® siding for higher performance, giving it superior paint adhesion and moisture resistance. You aren’t just getting an exterior that performs well in all types of climates — including cold, icy ones — you’re getting an exterior engineered specifically for them.


Current Colours:

Arctic White Mountain Sage
Autumn Tan Parkside Pine
Khaki Brown Boothbay Blue
Navajo Beige Evening Blue
Sandstone Beige Harris Cream
Woodstock Brown Tuscan Gold
Cobble Stone Traditional Red
Monterey Taupe Countrylane Red
Timber Bark Iron Gray
Heathered Moss Chestnut Brown
Colour Accuracy:
Have you ever taken a gallon of paint back to the store because it didn’t match the rest of your project? How would you feel if one side of your house was a shade darker than the rest? James Hardie’s colour variance accuracy standards for our ColorPlus technology finish are three times stricter than what’s acceptable for most “store-bought” paints, and more tightly controlled than the automotive industry.

Application Consistency:
James Hardie’s proprietary manufacturing process involves applying consistent, multiple coats of paint that was developed especially for our fibre cement siding. Then, the paint is baked–on in a closely controlled factory environment. Our automated manufacturing process, constant quality monitoring and application of up to 50% more paint — compared to field–applied paint — provides the most consistent paint application at the optimal thickness.

Fade Resistance:
Many alternative siding product finishes and paint that’s applied “in the field” can fade quite substantially over time, making the colours dull and difficult to match when repairs or touch–ups are needed later on. Because our exclusive paint is specifically engineered to withstand the sun’s damaging UV (ultraviolet) rays, the James Hardie ColorPlus technology finish gives up to 30% better fade resistance.*

* Source: James Hardie accelerated QUV test results compared to nationally available premium paint in a lab environment.